The Beyontec Suite

The Beyontec Suite is a workflow-driven insurance system that supports all classes of business across general, life and health insurance. Whether issuing a quote through your broker or processing a claim, the Suite allows business requirements to be configured without programming. As a comprehensive insurance ERP, it implements quickly with secure, scalable web delivery.


Not best of breed, a breed apart – developed, tested, flexible, and proven to meet your needs.

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Claims Administration

How’s this for a claim? Beyontec Claims automates routine tasks, flags those that need attention, and keeps you compliant.

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Beyontec Billing accepts premium payments six different ways and automates invoicing, collections, and check printing.

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Beyontec Portals give agents/brokers, policyholders, and employees authorized access and complete transparency.

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Decision-making depends on information. Beyontec Reports give you information for sound, strategic decisions.

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Financial Accounting

Beyontec Financial Accounting shows the financial effect of each transaction, using your chart of accounts, in real time.

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Beyontec Reinsurance manages facultative, proportional, and XOL treaties, alerting you to exceeded limits.

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Configuration Tools

Beyontec Configuration Tools let you configure workflows, products, states, and LOBs with no IT intervention.

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