Dubai Insurance Company (DIC)

Dubai Insurance Company (DIC) a leading life and general insurance company in Dubai, partnered with Beyontec in its digital journey to harness the power of automation and modernise its back-office systems, while enhancing customer experience. Learn how Beyontec Suite, the core insurance solution, helped DIC digitise its multi-company, multi-currency, multi-branch application model improving business processes efficiency while simultaneously creating economic value.

Invita Claims Management Company (Invita Claims)

Invita Claims Management Company (Invita Claims), a leading Third-Party Administrator in Bahrain partnered with Beyontec to offer efficient claims management in motor insurance, to customers in Bahrain. Learn how Invita Claims was able to improve claims administration processing efficiency with reduced turnaround time, faster approval process and improved customer service cutting down the process time for a motor claim request from days to a matter of hours.

Georgia Underwriting Association (GUA)

The Georgia Underwriting Association (GUA) functions as a residual insurance market providing basic property and liability insurance for Georgians. To compliment GUAs transformational strategy to become more efficient and enhance processing and transactional speed, Beyontec implemented its core solution โ€“ the Beyontec Suite at GUA. Learn how GUA eliminated operational bottlenecks and gained process efficiencies while gaining detailed insights of its agents, brokers, policyholders, reinsurers, banks, lienholders, and corporate customers.

Oregon Fair Plan Associations (OFPA)

Oregon Fair Plan Associations (OFPA) makes essential property insurance available to responsible individuals and companies in Oregon. Learn how OFPA benefited from Beyontecโ€™s core insurance solution โ€“ the Beyontec Suite, to improve underwriting and business processes while efficiently managing its syndicate-style operations across policy administration, claims administration, financial accounting, billing, reports among other functions.